Nevada-Utah Conference

"Focused on Jesus, we witness to the world!"
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President, Ministerial Director
Dr. Leon B. Brown, Sr  email
     Phone: 775-525-2009
     Administrative Assistant:  Michelle Ward  email

Executive Secretary
Carlos A. Camacho  email
Phone: 775-525-2009
      Administrative Assistant:  Michelle Ward  email

Treasurer, Trust Director, ASI Director
Douglas Reeves  email
      Phone: 775-525-2010

Noreen Vargas  email

      Phone: 775-525-2004

ACS Associate Director
Debra Waggoner  email

ACS Director
Jerry Waggoner  email

Asian-Pacific Ministries Coordinator
Guillermo Gucilatar  email

Business Intern (Payroll)
Michael Prest   email
    Phone: 775-525-2003

Communications Intern
Faith Hoyt email
    Phone: 775-525-2005

Education Superintendent
Eileen White  email
      Phone: 775-525-2007

Hispanic Ministries Coordinator
Carlos Camacho   email

Literature Ministries Coordinator 
Joseph Cadiz email

Native-American Ministries Coordinator
[Vacant]  email

Office Facility Manager, Administrative Assistant, Communications Director
Michelle Ward email
    Phone: 775-525-2009

Regional Ministries Coordinator
Oneil Madden  email

Trust Officer, Stewardship Ministries
Mark Gutman  email


Women's Ministries Coordinator
Melody Darrow   email

Youth/Young Adults, Clubs Ministries, Children's Ministries Director
Darriel Hoy  email