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We may be able to help you exercise your Christian Stewardship by writing a Will/Trust/powers of attorney for health care (Living Trust).  You may be surprised how easy and inexpensive - and confidential, the process can be.  Please contact me for a free "Will Information Organizer" booklet.  It will help you organize a list of your assets, liabilities, and choices of guardian, executor and distribution provisions.  I would be pleased to send one to you!
Charitable Gift Annuities (CGAs) may be of interest, particularly to seniors.  The payout is fixed, regardless of the market or interest rate fluctuations, and are guaranteed for life (or lives, as in a 2-life annuity).  Rates can be very attractive too, especially considerating that about half the payments are tax-free!
For a Retirement Calculator, click HERE.
For more detailed information, click HERE to go to the Planned Giving Magazine site.  You may find a wealth of information, including a CGA calculator, information on Unitrusts, news on the economy, and much more. 
Please contact the Planned Giving Department if you have any questions!

Douglas Reeves
Planned Giving & Trust Services Director
Phone:  (775) 322-6929

Mark Gutman
Trust Officer

Phone: (775) 525-2003